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What is audio MASTERING ?

Mastering is the final step of Music Production. This is where you give your mix the final polish before it’s ready to be distributed. Any seasoned mastering engineer will tell you that this delicate process is much about experience and good taste as it is about technique and equipment. 


My goal is to achieve the perfect balance of loudness, liveliness, and emotional impact. I will work to correct the frequency balance, stereo imaging, treats the dynamics, and increase the loudness of your music in a transparent and effective manner.  The end result is greatly improved sound quality and a cohesive finished product.


Standard Mastering Features-

  •  Add Corrective Fades.

  •  Filtering and EQ for overall balance and to increase perceived Loudness.

  •  Compression for consistent Dynamics

  •  Limiting to achieve commercially compatible loudness

  •  High-quality algorithms used for sample rate Conversion and Dithering

  •  Ensuring good translation to Car Systems and Home Hi-Fi. TV, Radio, Headphones.

You can also send/upload stems via Dropbox,, Google Drive to

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